Friday, October 7, 2011

Bio-sourced parts for Ford Focus

I recently saw an announcement that Ford and BASF teamed to make foam for the instrument panel of Ford Focus from castor oil.  The material allows them to offer industry's first seamless soft-touch instrument panel that is stronger and better-looking.  All that is good!  However, a quote that caught my eye was "...Finding a sustainable product that saves more than 5,000 barrels of oil for every 300,000 Ford Focus models produced in North America is a very exciting solution for all of us."

Wow!  That's 0.7 gallons per car; when each car is going to consume an estimated 10,000 gallons over its life in fuel.  They are getting excited about savings of 70 ppm!  Their emphasis on the displacement of petroleum is either misplaced, or it is a ploy to attract unsuspecting customers.

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