Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cost of PV Systems: Expectations and Realities

 I have recently come across several reports each of which has reiterated the fact that the cost of solar PV is plummeting: panels will soon cost less than $1.00/Watt and so will the installed costs (Ramez Naam); it will be cheaper to produce electricity from PV without subsidies than from coal (Mike Halper).  In view of these very encouraging developments, I am left puzzling that NRG Energy is installing a 250-MW PV facility with subsidies of $2.1 billion to cover almost all the costs (that translates to > $6.40/Watt) (NY Times).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Downloads and other links

Here are a few links to downloadable documents, presentations, etc. as well as links to video clips pertaining to A Cubic Mile of Oil.
Radiation Doses
Future Talk
U. Toledo lecture
USGS lecture
Financial Sense Newshour